Every country has their own unique way of dong things—from their own language to their own money. But beyond the obvious, there are quite a few ways we might differ from one another—especially America.

Americans do a lot of things without thinking about it we don’t even realize are unique to other countries. But they’re pretty amazing—at least we think so.

Here are 19 amazing and unique things that only Americans do:

  1. Wearing sweatpants in public

    Okay, so we’re a little lazy. But seriously, no one can deny how much more comfortable sweatpants or leggings are than jeans or regular pants (except maybe foreigners who think it’s odd—but it beats dressing up everywhere we go!).

  2. Tailgating

    You know how we grill and drink before a concert or big game in the parking lot? The best.

  3. Supersizing everything

    While we’ve chilled out with doing this as more healthy options become trendy, there are still plenty of fast-food joints and restaurants that encourage getting a burger or fries the size of your face.

  4. Superstores

    Speaking of supersizing everything, stores like huge superstores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJs are the best for family-sized necessities, from diapers to cereal and everything in between. Can you believe other countries haven’t gotten on the superstore train yet?

  5. Using so much ice

    In the US, you’ll find us putting ice in water, coffee, soda, even wine sometimes. We’re probably the only country that does this—other places see ice in drinks as watering it down.

  6. Squeezing cheese from a can

    Easy cheese, yes please. No further explanation needed.

  7. 24/7 restaurants

    What, you don’t want a Caesar salad at 3 a.m. at your local diner? Of course you do. And some fries. And maybe a turkey club sandwich too.

  8. Wide variety of everything

    From salad dressing to pots and pans—we literally have 800 types of everything. It might be a little overwhelming sometimes, but it makes it fun when we want to switch something up!

  9. Chat with random strangers

    On the subway, in the elevator, in the supermarket—we love to say hi to people. It’s just deemed as polite in America, whereas other countries will walk right past you on the street and it isn’t considered rude.

  10. Free refills

    In America, we’ve come to expect that our soda or coffee comes unlimited in restaurants. Who drinks just ONE glass or cup after all?

  11. Request to take food home

    If we don’t finish our meal at a restaurant, you better believe we’re asking for a to-go container so that we can eat it the next day. Some countries find this to be a health hazard—imagine all the food that goes to waste!

  12. Being obsessed with pumpkins in the fall

    The second September hits, we’re all about the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice pancakes, even pumpkin spice…chicken sausage (that’s a thing). We even use pumpkins as decorations! We may take it a bit too far sometimes, but we love our pumpkins.

  13. Patriotism

    We love our country so much that we put flags everywhere—on our cars, on our homes. Don’t even get us started on what we do on the Fourth of July!

  14. Red Solo cups

    There’s no real reason why we associate drinking alcohol out of a red Solo cup, but Americans have made this the cup of choice for parties.

  15. Overly attentive restaurant servers

    In the US, you’ll typically get asked during your meal out if everything is okay or if you need anything else from your waiter. There’s no such thing as asking too many times (because how many times have you forgotten to ask for extra dressing or another spoon the first time they come around?).

  16. Hold baby showers

    Someone’s pregnant? You better believe they’re getting a party thrown for them. Other countries actually find celebrating a baby before they’re born to be unlucky.

  17. Trick or treating on Halloween

    We suppose that if you’ve never heard of Halloween and told people you dress up as someone else and ask strangers for candy, they could find this odd. But we can’t get enough of the spooky holiday in America!

  18. Coffee on the go

    Lots of countries, especially Europe, consider coffee a leisurely activity. In America, we grab out to-go mug and hit the ground running.

  19. Peeing for free

    When you gotta go, you gotta go—even if it’s at a rest stop on the side of a busy highway. You’ll never get charged to use a toilet in America, but in other countries, you may be charged a small fee. Weird, huh?

Did you know that America had so many cool traditions that other countries might not have? Which one surprised you the most?