Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or you wish you could wear pajamas every day, every girl will encounter some fashion roadblocks at one point or another. Ideal for fashion emergencies or just to clean up your daily wardrobe, these 17 tricks of the trade are tips that every girl should have in her fashion arsenal.


1. How to Tuck Your Jeans into Riding Boots

No skinny jeans? No problem! Follow these simple steps and lose that chunky-looking-ankle syndrome forever.

Jean TuckListotic

2. Hide Your Bra Strap

I know this problem all too well. Never have this embarrassing moment again with this DIY bra strap concealer.

Strap ConcealerRecycled Fashion

3. Wear the Right Necklace

Choosing the wrong type of necklace for the neckline you’re wearing can be a fashion catastrophe. Stop guessing and save this handy infographic!

NeckalcesInside Out Style

4. Waterproof Your Shoes

Using beeswax, you can protect your favorite kicks from whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

Waterproof ShoesBrit + Co.

5. DIY Cap Shoes

Metallic cap shoes are an adorable trend that we love! But why spend money replacing your regular ballerina flats when you can make your own cap shoe?

Cap Toe ShoesThe Fitnessista

6. Knot Your Belt

Belts aren’t just for your pants, you know. To spice up a plain ensemble, knot a belt around your waist for an instantly chic upgrade.

Knotting BeltsFashionrolla

7. How to Stretch Out Your Shoes (Painlessly)

Gone are the days of tottering around your living room like Bambi! Stretch out your new shoes with this ingenious method instead.

Stretch ShoesBetterRemade

8. Double the Layers, Half the Frump

Layering is a very hot trend, especially for these chilly winter months. But layering can also leave you looking bulky and frumpy in the torso. To avoid the frump but keep all the fabulousness of the layers, put a tank top between the two layers. It seems counter intuitive, but the tank keep the bottom shirt from bunching up.


9. Revive Your Riding Boots

In these winter months, dirt and salt can be a killer for our #1 winter essential: the riding boot. Make your dull boots look like new with ingredients you probably have right at home.

Style Tricks Edited11 and Chic

10. Perfectly Cuffed Sleeves

One of my favorite blogs, Who What Wear, shows us how to get those perfectly messy cuffs.

Cuff SleevesWho What Wear

11. New Knotty Ways to Wear Your Scarf

Fall and winter make scarves my absolute favorite accessory – I wear them constantly. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a new, crisp way to wear your favorite scarf, this is a great tutorial.

Scarf TieMiss Polly Roger

12. Repair Your Favorite Bra

It is a sad day when the wires on your favorite bra start to poke through. To avoid the heartbreak of throwing away that Victoria’s Secret push-up, use some moleskin to cover the offending areas.

Bra RepairChaotically Creative

13. Use Hairspray on Your Hoisery

I wish I known this a week ago! My favorite tights went right to the trash. Don’t be like me and spray your tights with hairspray to strengthen the material and avoid runs.

Hairspray TightsListotic

14. Remove Deodorant Marks

Everyone knows this tragic story: you get into work, look down at your lovely black blouse, and see some not-so-lovely white deodorant stains across the bottom. Yikes. The solution is so much easier than we know: baby wipes.

DO Remover EditedReal Simple

15. How to Fold Your T-Shirts

For all you jeans and t-shirt fans (which I think might be everyone), this is an awesome step-by-step on how to fold your t-shirts so that they’re easy to find, less wrinkled and organized in your drawers. My drawers are definitely the before…

Tshirt Organizer EditedDarkroom & Dearly

16. Reused an Old Sweater

Like I said, boots are a must for this season. Dress them up a bit by cutting the sleeves off an old sweater and using them as legwarmers.

Sweater Sock EditedImgFave

17. Hang Pants Like a Pro

For all you working girls, I understand the pain of hanging your slacks. Mine always bunch up and wrinkle on the hanger – I didn’t even know that was possible. This brilliant way of hanging pants will see to it that your pants stay perfectly pressed!

Hang PantsLifehacker