The old tried and true hairstyle: the bun. The bun has always had your back – you can throw your hair up in a trusty bun for the gym, for work, or even for a night on the town, all while feeling comfortable, looking relaxed, and looking stylish. How does the bun do it all? Well, we say it’s time to give back. Your plain old bun is all well and good, but it’s time you jazzed it up a little bit! Try one (or all) of these 16 nontraditional buns to give your faithful hairstyle a little extra pizzazz.

  1. Slicked Looped Bun

    Slicked Looped BunCosmopolitan

    The perfect second-day hair bun. Add a little oil to your hair for an extra slick effect, and make sure your part is really sharp to nail the look. For the bun itself, pull it into a low pony and pull it through the hair tie, but not all the way, creating a visibly looped bun. Everything about this style screams cool.

  2. Knot Bun

    Knot BunRefinery29

    Doesn’t get much more simple than this knotted bun. Separate your hair into two sections and tie them together like you would your shoelaces. Tie a few times, depending on how long your locks are. Then use bobby pins to keep the ends down and the bun in place.

  3. Pretty Pinned

    Pretty Pin BunCosmopolitan

    Your bun likes a little sparkle, just like you do! Opt for a beautiful pin to really make your bun pop. You can’t go wrong with sparkling metallics.

  4. Rolled Bun

    Rolled BunLatest Hairstyles

    Instead of twisting or tying, try rolling your bun for a unique look. Start by pulling your hair into two low sections, both twisted, and tie them both together. Then, loop the pony tail through the opening you’ve created and proceed to roll your fancy new bun upward. Pin into place and own that bun.

  5. French Braided Bun

    French Braid BunCosmopolitan

    This bun is not only perfect for brunch with the girls, but it could entirely pass as an effortless updo for a fancier occasion! Start by doing an inverted French braid (that’s when the pieces go under, not over, to make the braid look fuller) on top of your head, starting at the hairline. Pull the excess back into a bun.

  6. Twisted Top Knot

    Twisted Top KnotLipstick Alley

    Since we’re on the topic of braids, we’re obsessed with this twisted top knot. Braid your hair ENTIRELY. When every strand is braided (and these braids can be as big or as small as you’d like), pull them on top of your head and secure into one big, braided pony. Then twist the pieces around each other, pinning into place wherever you like to create a funky, twisted top knot.

  7. The Double Bun

    Double BunCosmopolitan

    This is a very hot style right now. Section your hair off into two parts, a thicker one for the top layer of your hair and a smaller one at the nape of your neck with the under layer of your hair. Pull both section into messy buns for instant chicness. The other way to rock this style? Try the double bun on either side of your head, like pigtails…only buns.

  8. The Cotton Candy Bun

    Cotton Candy BunVanilla Extract

    Sounds delicious, no? You can’t eat it (that would be weird…) but it looks almost as fun as cotton candy itself! The trick to this marvelously frizzy bun is a lot of hairspray and a technique called “teasing”, which is just combing your hair backwards to create purposeful frizz. Never thought we’d say that.

  9. Half-Bun

    Half BunCosmopolitan

    For an easy, effortless look, pull up the top layer of your hair from behind your ears and create a messy little half-bun on top of your head. Make sure to pull some pieces down in front of your ears to complete the look. (P.S. Actually wearing this hairstyle right now, I love it).

  10. Braid Around Bun

    Braid Around BunThe Beauty Department

    This is a great trick for people with thick hair. If your hair is heavy, it might tend to sag when you put it in a bun, no matter how many bobby pins you use. To keep that bun supported (and still looking great) try wrapping your hair up around your bun. Leave your under layer out of the bun, then braid the layer in sections. Wrap the braids up around the bun for a functional and cool-looking effect.

  11. Hide That Tie

    Hidden Tie BunThe Beauty Department

    Neon yellow hair tie you’re not very proud of? You might need it, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it show. Make a bun on top of your head, then grab the ends to fan it out, pinning it into a place you like. Make sure there’s excess sticking out of your hair tie, this is what you’ll use to wrap around the tie. Pin in place and you’d never even know it was there! This works for short hair, too, the bun will just be much smaller and cuter.

  12. Fake Bangs

    Fake BangsBeauty Darling

    Looking to try something new with your look? Experiment with bangs without actually getting bangs! Use the ends of your hair to create faux-bangs with a simple bun. Definitely more easily reversible than a bad haircut…

  13. The S-Bun

    The S BunThe Beauty Department

    If you have curly hair, the S-bun is your new best friend. You’ll want to twist sections of your hair, pinning them as you go, to the opposite side of your head. For the excess hair on the other side, you’ll twist those pieces and pin the OTHER way. This simple tutorial makes this complicated-looking hairstyle easy to follow!

14. The Pencil Bun

Pencil Bun EditedCute Girl's Hairstyles

This accessory may not SEEM glamorous, but this simple pencil can work wonders in your hair and looks extremely unique. You can style your hair with a pencil in a few easy ways that only take seconds!

15. Simple Messy Side Bun

Bun TipsLuxury Hair

Messy buns are very in right now. Frizz and loose pieces galore are the look to aim for. This messy side bun is everything we love about this trend. It can be done by taking small pieces, and pulling them backwards. You’re essentially teasing your hair in small sections with your fingers. Pin each little section for a voluptuous messy bun.

16. Headband Hack

Bun FI EditedBuzzFeed

No bobby pins to speak of? Honestly, where do they disappear to?! It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Anyways, don’t fret, you can roll your hair around a simple headband for the same effect. Wear the headband as you would normally and it will easily hold your “bun” in place. A great hack for working out, especially.

Let’s go through this bun-Renaissance (bun-aissance?) together. Share your favorite bun upgrades in the comments section below.