Life can be stressful anytime, but especially when there seems to be one piece of bad news after another (thanks, COVID-19), hearing about good news can be especially important. 

Sometimes it’s the small things that make us the happiest, like a hug from one of our children or seeing a rainbow after a storm. Sometimes the things that make us happy can be the perfect cup of coffee or a song that makes us want to dance.

Reddit user Alex_gold123 posed the question, “What happened today that made you happy?” Some of the answers were very little things. Some of them were actually very good news.

Scroll down to see 15 of our favorite answers. The answers themselves just might make you happy too.

  1. Honey Bee

    Shared by mavgrau:

    Honey bee sat on my leg, cleaned itself and flew away after about 5 min. Felt honored!

  2. Hummingbird

    From Reddit user MartoufCarter:

    A hummingbird keeps coming to my window and hovering. No reason why but it is fun to watch.

  3. PhD

    Shared by ghrarhg:

    The paper I’ve been working on through my whole PhD got accepted!!!

  4. Breakfast

    Reddit user J3nMJt wrote:

    The person in front of me in a drive thru bought my breakfast. :D

  5. First Job

    unimportant208 shared:

    I got my first job!

  6. Banana Bread

    Shared by AnitaRide:

    A friend made too much banana bread and I get a whole loaf!

  7. Fun Online Class

    elemonator52 wrote:

    A student wrote a paragraph on our online class about how much she enjoyed my class and how much fun I made it. Made my week.

  8. Dating

    Written by Kuno37:

    Asked a girl I’ve liked for a really long time out… she said yes!

  9. Sun Rays

    From AsYouWish8412:

    The sun rays piercing through the morning clouds. It always puts a smile on my face seeing how beautiful it is.

  10. Building up Savings

    Duck-Yo-Couch wrote:

    I’m happy that I have more money in my savings account alone than I had in my checking and savings combined a year ago. Money doesn’t mean happiness, but the sense of relief and security is making me happy.

  11. No More Cancer

    Reddit user jerseybert shared:

    My 87 year old dad was declared cancer free!

  12. DMs on Reddit

    Written by ANOOb4evr:

    I DM’ed Arnold Schwarzenegger on reddit and he DM’ed me back :))))

  13. Old Friends

    Written by 5uzie:

    I spoke to an old friend.

  14. Cat Cuddles

    Shishi432234 shared:

    My kitty climbed in bed with me this morning, flopped down, curled up next to me, and started purring.

  15. The Question Itself

    Nickfolian wrote:

    I read this question, and it made me happy that op is trying to make people happy by making them think of something that made them happy today.