The expression goes that misery loves company, so if you think you’re having a bad day, it might help you feel a little better about life if you realize that you’re not the only one. In fact, there are some people out there who are probably having a much worse day than you.

Another expression goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of telling you in detail about multiple examples where people had some really bad luck or unfortunate circumstances, we’re going to show you pictures that speak for themselves.

Scroll down to see 15 examples of what a bad day really looks like. You just might feel a little bit better about how your day is going.

  1. Heard a loud noise outside my apartment, so I walked out and discovered a tree had fallen on my car. from r/Wellthatsucks

  2. So, my entire house burned down. from r/Wellthatsucks

  3. Our very own private indoor waterfall. Compliments from our upstairs neighbours’ washing machine -.-* from r/Wellthatsucks

  4. Went grocery shopping after a long day of work to make a nice dinner for my girlfriend and I. from r/Wellthatsucks

  5. You did your best, chef. from r/Wellthatsucks

  6. So after saving about 5 months, I bought my first second handed gaming laptop so I can study and work on my editing hobby. Yesterday my top shelf fell and snapped it in half. from r/Wellthatsucks

  7. Well… i think the image speaks for itself. from r/Wellthatsucks

  8. Cat decided my sliders were the perfect size and shape to puke into. from r/Wellthatsucks

  9. Forgot my glasses in bed, cracked them with my elbow 💪 from r/Wellthatsucks

  10. PSA: close your car windows. from r/Wellthatsucks

  11. So, how’s your day going? from r/Wellthatsucks

  12. I now remember that yesterday I wanted a cool soda from r/Wellthatsucks

  13. Tasmanian Devil did it from r/Wellthatsucks

  14. Somebody didn’t strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken from r/Wellthatsucks

  15. When you are from Arizona and think 70 degrees on the beach in Cali doesnt require sunscreen. I. Hurt. from r/Wellthatsucks