Looking for some new recipe ideas for your Thanksgiving feast this year? Here are a few great ideas from YumSugar that utilize cheap ingredients and seasonal favorites:

  1. Bibb and Beet Salad: this salad features butternut squash and makes a great, light first course for your feast.
  2. Potato Basil Puree: this simple and luxurious alternative to mashed potatoes is perfect for all pesto lovers.
  3. Bourbon-Glazed Spice-Rubbed Turkey: bring new flavors to your bird with this creative turkey recipe.
  4. Savory Squash Pudding: this butternut squash and cheddar bread pudding can serve as a hearty side dish or even a filling main course for vegetarians on Thanksgiving.
  5. Cranberry Ginger Sorbet: use your cranberries for more than just cranberry sauce. Use a bit of white wine and ginger to make a deliciously infused cranberry sorbet for dessert.

For more delicious ideas, head over to YumSugar’s 15 Recipes For Fresh Thanksgiving Inspiration.