Just Say No to a Boring Bookshelf. Here Are 14 Extraordinary Bookshelves.

For bookworms – or anybody who appreciates great design – few things are as beautiful, or as envy-inducing, as a big, gorgeous library. (Raise your hand if you’re still waiting for somebody to declare their love for you by giving you a library à la Beauty and the Beast. Just me?) There’s so much inspiration out there for rooms just filled to the brim with books, but let’s be honest— most of us don’t live in homes with extra, library-worthy rooms with 20-foot ceilings, and we’re probably never going to, either. I know it stings, but there’s hope— we can transform the bookshelves instead! We’ve always loved creative shelving, and this recent list from Dose inspired us to look for even more fresh ideas specifically for our books. Check them out and bring a little bibliophile design into your life with your favorites!

      Create a light-up psychedelic look with pipes and LED lights!


      What’s better than curling up with a good book? Curling up ON some good books! And if you’re a fast reader, you don’t even have to get up or change position to grab your next story.


      This bookshelf has a message. Can you see it?!


      Learning the alphabet is the first step toward independent reading! These shelves are perfect for a nursery, playroom or homework corner.


      Your bookshelf doesn’t have to live in only one room of your home! Let it come to all your favorite reading nooks with this fun project.


      Make use of the wasted space on the sides of a bureau with this fun, easy project that’s perfect for a small nursery or kid’s room.


      We all know the book is always better than the movie or the show. So stick with your novels and transform your old televisions into fun shelves!


      Whether it’s

the wall beneath a staircase


the rise of each step

      , all available space can store your books AND make your stairwells prettier!


      Our books take us anywhere and everywhere in time and space— the closest we’ll ever get to a TARDIS in real life.


      Give an irreparable instrument new life by making it a home for a different kind of imagination!


      Wouldn’t it be fun to organize the books according to where they take place? Just another way reading takes us on a journey!


      Want to be literally surrounded by books? Curl up in this wheel-shaped shelf!


      The Bat-Signal is pointing the way to entertainment! You could also take this idea and apply it to your other favorite superhero logos.


    Whether you call it a mandala or a flower, there’s no denying this dynamic and beautiful design.

Aren’t these incredible?! I want every. Single. One— and there’s more! Be sure to check out the list over on Dose, and if you have a super-creative bookshelf of your own, share it!