While we hope it doesn’t happen, many of us may find ourselves in a moment of life or death one of these days. And it’s always good to be prepared in those situations.

That’s why someone began a Reddit thread to share lifesaving facts that we should always keep in the back of our minds. No matter the catastrophe, the people of Reddit have your back. Here are some of the best lifesaving tidbits. Some of these may blow your mind.

  1. Don’t Fight the Current

    “If you ever get stuck in a rip current, don’t panic and try to swim directly back to the shore. Instead swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current.

  2. You Can Self-Heimlich Yourself

    “If you like eating alone, then people wont help you if you are choking. Place a fist on the top of a chair, and lean onto the fist, then drive your fist towards yourself by thrusting upwards.”

  3. Take The Stairs if There’s a Flood

    “If there is any flooding in your area, don’t take the elevator down into a parking garage. Take the stairs! I was in Houston for a wedding a number of years ago and several people staying at my hotel drowned when they took the elevator down into the garage to retrieve their cars.”

  4. Drink From the Green Coconuts

    “Brown coconuts contain oils that cause dehydration, so drink the milk of the green coconuts. However you can burn the husks of the brown coconuts to repel mosquitoes.”

  5. Call 911 if You’re Overdosing

    “If you are overdosing on illegal substances, you won’t get in trouble with the police if you call 911 for help.”

  6. Beware of Cougars if You Have a Dog

    “Your dog is more likely to attract a bear or cougar – especially a cougar – than it is to repel one. Cougars love to eat dogs. Around here, they’ll follow you and your dog, silently, and wait for an opportunity to swoop in and grab the dog – they’ve plucked dogs from within meters of their owners where I live.”

  7. Be Weary of Driving After 10 on Saturdays

    “In the USA, the majority of DUI related fatalities occur after 10pm on Saturday nights. Just a little food for thought.”

  8. Remove Clothing if a Polar Bear is Chasing You

    “If you are ever being chased by a polar bear, take off an article of clothing and leave it on the ground as you run away. Polar bears have really bad ADD, and they will throughly inspect your dropped clothing before chasing you again. In these instances, your decision is if you want to be mauled to death or to die of hypothermia.”

  9. On Managing Hypothermia

    “For hypothermia. shaking = Sucks but we’ll be ok. Keep warm. Silent and falling asleep = BAD. The body is giving up.”

  10. How to Break a Car Window

    “Need to break a car window? Aim for the edges/corners, not the center where the glass is strongest. Was taught this by a friend who is a fireman.”

  11. A Tornado Tip

    “If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, it’s moving towards you.”

  12. Don’t Turn Your Back on a Lion

    “If you come across a mountain lion never turn your back towards them they wont stalk or attack if they see your eyes/face.”

  13. Don’t Remove the Item if You Get Stabbed

    “if you get stabbed don’t remove the item you were stabbed with, it’s the only thing holding the blood inside of you and removing it could result in a large about of blood loss.”

What lifesaving fact would you add to this list?