Let’s face it: There are some moments in life that make us feel just plain awkward. The thing is, they’re universally acceptable so no one really talks about them. But we’re here to point them out to you so that you can nod in agreement of how awkward they really are!

Alas, here are 13 awkward things we’ve all experienced before, but never really talk about.

  1. When Your Stomach Publicly Grows

    It’s not like you farted, and yet you feel super weird.

  2. Telling the Waiter the Food is Yours

    “Oh the burger? That’s mine. Right here. Yep. Thanks. Hehe…”

  3. Company in the Elevator

    Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact…

  4. The Moment After You Bowl

    Why yes I got a strike, but there’s nothing to see here…

  5. When You Can’t Hear Anyone

    Er, can you repeat that?

  6. When People Sing “Happy Birthday” to You

    *Smiles through teeth as you wish for it to be over*

  7. Ending a Zoom Call

    How do I end this agai—*click*

  8. Taking Selfies

    It’s not what it looks like!

  9. The Moment When the Laugh After the Joke is Done

    Haha, good one! Okay, now what?

  10. Being Naked in Front of a Pet

    Don’t look at me like that, Spot…

  11. Getting Picked Up

    Let the anxiety attack ensue.

  12. When Someone Drops You Off


  13. Saying Your Own Name

    “Hi, I’m ____.” *Dies inside*

What’s one of the most awkward things we all experience but no one ever talks about?