It’s always fun to discover other uses for everyday household items, and learning of non-food uses for pepper is no exception (at least we think so!).

Below is a list of 12 uses for pepper from Willie Jones, via her article that we discovered on We list our own headlines for each, but for more information on these 12 uses, we suggest clicking through to her article at the bottom of this post.

1. Plugging small holes in your car’s radiator

2. Killing biting ants

3. Deterring ants in the kitchen

4. As a spray that keeps insects and animals away from your plants

5. Keep your colors bright — and keep them from bleeding — in the wash

6. Unclog your sinuses

7. Detoxify your liver

8. For arthritis pain

9. Alleviate migraine headaches

10. Help with heart problems

11. Keep squirrels away from your bird feeder

12. Keep rodents from chewing on cables

For more information about the 12 uses listed above, please click the link below.
12 Amazing Uses For Pepper You Didn’t Know About (Willie Jones on

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