Summer is right around the corner, and that means that pineapples are finally in season. You should start seeing a drop in price at your local grocery store for these delicious treats. So why not pick up a couple on your next trip? They make for great decoration in a bowl, and you’ll be shocked at the amount of meals you can create with this $2 purchase.

    1. Tropical Pico de Gallo: a great spin on a traditional favorite. Pairs nicely with grilled fish and chicken tacos.
    2. Pineapple Steaks with Peanut-Lime Coleslaw: cut the skin and top off of your pineapple and slice off two round, half-inch thick steaks. Baste these with Japanese BBQ sauce and pair with a hearty peanut-lime coleslaw. A great option for vegetarians!
    3. Hawaiian pizza: throw some freshly chopped pineapple, diced ham and green pepper slices on your homemade pizza for a traditional favorite.
    4. Polynesian Chicken: uses boneless chicken breast and green peppers. You can easily substitute fresh pineapple for the canned pineapple the recipe calls for.
    5. Sweet and Sour Skewers: use wooden or steel skewers to thread chunks or pineapple, green pepper, meat and red onion. Cook on the grill using your favorite sweet and sour sauce recipe. Save money by using turkey sausage instead of other meats.
    6. Fruit Kabobs: thread chunks of pineapple along with other seedless fruits on toothpicks. Serve alone or with a healthy fruit dip. Great for kids!
    7. Tropical Cheese Ball: substitute fresh pineapple for canned in an island-style cheese appetizer.
    8. Sorbet: great for a low-cost and low-calorie dessert.
    9. Cocktails: use a pineapple wedge to garnish your pina colada or daiquiri.
    10. Jam: preserve your pineapple and enjoy it in jam form in the winter.
    11. Pasta Sauce: this creative recipe is made with heirloom tomatoes and served over goat cheese ravioli.
    12. Fudge: a tasty, out-of-the-ordinary confection.

Be sure to share your favorite pineapple recipes with us, and check out Myscha’s full article at 12 Cheap Pineapple Recipes.