Bakers and Pinterest-lovers are usually one in the same – and for good reason! There are some amazing baking resources on Pinterest, among other super fun distractions. Want to learn how to make a super trendy raindrop cake? Pinterest can help you with that. Want to learn how to frost your cupcakes to look like hydrangeas? Pinterest can help you with that! Needless to say, Pinterest is a bakers’ best friend. Whether or not you rely on the site for your baking needs, you need to take a look at these 11 Pinterest baking charts! Save/print/pin these graphics immediately – you’ll be glad you had them on hand for your next baking conundrum!

  1. Baking Temperatures Chart

    Baking Temps ChartThe Cake Blog

    So you think the difference between 350 °F and 375 °F isn’t that big a deal, huh? Well, this handy chart is here to show you just how big of a difference various temperatures can have on your beloved cakes. So if you’re not a fan of burnt cakes, read up.

  2. Baking Pans Chart

    Baking Pan ChartsGet Drop

    Ever wonder which baking pan is really meant to bake what? Search no further for answers than this baking pan chart! This chart outlines what every baking pan you own (and some you probably don’t) has actually been designed to make. Hey, the more you know.

  3. Lattice Pie Crust Chart

    Lattice Crust ChartGimme Some Oven

    If you’ve been dreaming of one day making a perfect lattice pie crust, today is your day, my friend. This graphic is going to walk you through how to NAIL that lattice step-by-step. It’ll look so good when you’re done, you won’t even want to eat it. (But you will because your pies are amazing.)

  4. Types of Sugar Chart

    Sugar ChartBuzzFeed

    Granulated sugar, caster sugar – it’s all the same isn’t it? Wrong! This chart is here to school you on the different types and sugar and what they should be used for.

  5. Half Recipe Chart

    Half Recipe ChartHe and She Eat Clean

    A classic baking conundrum is when you’ve got a great recipe for four people and you need it to be for two. Then you have to divide everything…and it’s just a pain. This chart does all that dividing in half for you, so you don’t have to worry about the math and you can get right to the good stuff.

  6. Blender Attachments Chart

    Blender GraphicBuzzFeed

    There are so many attachments for your blender, and they each actually have a purpose in baking. To avoid using a paddle to make buttercream frosting and a dough hook to make cake batter, check out this helpful diagram.

  7. Healthy Substitutions Chart

    Healthy SubstitutionseReplacement Parts

    If you’re looking to be kind to your waistline, we respect you. Making clean eating easier with this substitution chart, which will help you replace heavier cooking staples with lighter foods.

  8. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Chart

    Perfect CookiesTipHero

    You know you’ve reached your baking pinnacle when you can say you bake perfect chocolate chip cookies. This chart is going to help you with your form, so you can say you have this sweet staple in your repertoire.

  9. Baking Conversion Chart

    Conversion ChartJavaCupcake

    If your favorite food bloggers are all in, say, the U.K. and you have the hardest time converting all their amazing recipes, we feel your pain. Save yourself the time with this simple conversion chart…it’s a lot less stress, trust us.

  10. Vegan Substitution Chart

    Vegan SubstitutionsSwanson Vitamins

    No eggs in your diet? No problem! Learn how to substitute this baking staple with this handy chart.

  11. Frosting Styles Chart

    Pinterest Baking ChartsGYGI

    To polish off your cupcakes like the master baker you truly are, check out this nifty chart; it’ll take you through which piping tips you’ll need to get various cool effects for your frosting.

What do you think of these baking charts from Pinterest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.