If you rent an apartment, it can feel like you’re pretty much stuck with the bathroom you have. However, you can add cheap and easy touches that can make your bathroom feel more like a relaxing and luxurious spa without even thinking about serious remodeling. Take a look at some of Apartment Therapy’s best ideas:
  • Add a Small Piece of Furniture: adding a small stool, ottoman, bench or a chest of drawers can help give your bathroom a more elegant feel if you have the space.
  • (Lots of) High Quality Towels: lots of plush towels and hand towels can be bought on the cheap and they can be put in many places in your bathroom to make it feel cozier, i.e. in a shelf above your door, rolled up in a basket, etc.
  • Candles: light these when you decide to take a shower or a bath. Even just some flickering votive candles can make your bathroom feel a little more like an oasis to escape to.
  • A Way to Play Music: setting up speakers can help you to play calming music when you take a bath or to have backup when you want to sing in the shower.
  • Frame Your Mirror: simply framing your mirror can give your bathroom the elegant touch it needs to transform completely.

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