After reading the article 10 Ways to Winterize Your Home on, I realized it was time to stop procrastinating and get to work on my pre-winter prep. Although I’d much rather just turn up the thermostat than do the grunt work, I know that my wallet will thank me for a little effort. Here are the top 10 to do’s:

1) Clean out & repair gutters (this will help prevent water dams and keep excess water away from your house)

2) Block Leaks (walk around with a lit incense stick to determine where, if any, the leaks are and then use caulk, tape to reduce drafts)

3) Insulate! I found out a couple years ago that my New England house had no insulation, so I had some blown in. Even if you house is insulated, attic and basement spaces may need periodic updating

4) Check the Furnace or better yet hire someone to clean it and make sure it is working properly

5) Clean and Inspect Your Air Ducts

6) Swap out Your Screens for Storm Windows or Coat them with a Plastic Sheeting Kit

7) Clean out Your Chimney and keep the damper closed!

8) Reverse ceiling fans to push the warm air down

9) Wrap water pipes

10) Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. (When I installed my new furnace in the basement, NStar required that I install a carbon monoxide detector in the basement, that way we would be alerted immediately if something was wrong with the furnace. Carbon Monoxide leaks can be deadly.)

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