It’s now official: we’re in a recession (and have been for about a year). And one major side-effect of a slumping economy is that it takes its toll on our health — in many ways. For instance, financial difficulties bring on stress, which can lead to health problems. Another example: for those who had health benefits with their employers, job losses wipe those out. And even if you’re lucky enough to hold on to a job with health benefits, many will see their coverage reduced as employers look to cut back on expenses.

So with all of this in mind, I thought it was appropriate to post an article I just read on titled “10 Ways to Save Money on Health Costs During the Recession”.

Here are the 10 headlines, but check out the article for more details behind each:

1. Make a prevention resolution.

2. Stick to your meds.

3. Go generic if you can.

4. Find cheap, good sources of medication.

5. Eat better, save more.

6. Commit to recovery.

7. Know your rights.

8. Fight claim denials.

9. Get organized.

10. Bargain down costs. article:

10 Ways to Save Money on Health Costs During the Recession