When you get to the end of the roll of paper towels, do you ever repurpose the cardboard roll? It turns out that there are lots of useful things you can do around the house with those rolls before you think about tossing them. Check out some cool ideas from Frugal Village:

  • Organize Hair Ties: wrap them around paper towel cardboard rolls and store them in your dresser drawer.
  • Christmas “Crackers”: place small treats or gifts inside the tube and wrap with wrapping paper or tissue paper. Leave excess material at both ends and tie closed with curling ribbon or yarn. Head here to find out how to make a traditional English Christmas cracker.
  • Cord Organization: wrap your cords around a cardboard tube to keep them from getting tangled.
  • Fire Starter: stuff tubes with shredded paper or dryer lint to use as a fire starter.

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