Recently put some pavers down in our backyard and had a few extra buckets of sand lying around, so was excited to see in This old house 10 uses for sand!

1. Clean up an oil leak – let the grains soak it up
2. Light a path with mason jars or paper bags filled halfway with sand with a tea light embedded in the sand
3. steady an item for repair – fill a container with sand and stick the broken item in it and glue back together especially good with mugs.
5. sprinkle under a swing set for saftety
6. distress a wood finish – scour furniture with 2 parts sand 1 part water for a worn look
7. keep near the grill in case of a fire and just toss it on the fire to put it out.
8. condition gardnen tools with sand and a quart of motor oil, just dip them in and wipe ’em off.
9. clean a narrow neck container – swish sand and water through to loosen up grim.
10. make your own door stopper with a ziplok bag full of sand wrapped in cloth.