If you buy wine in bulk, you might find yourself with a wooden crate that’s perfect for repurposing. (You might also come across these wooden crates at thrift stores or even on curbs.) In any case, here are some great projects that you could try out if these types of crates come into your possession:

  • Litter Box: line the bottom of a wine crate with plastic to keep the litter from leaking through cracks and you’ve got a great wooden litter box for kitty.
  • Wine Crate Shelving for Bathroom Storage: use a crate that’s about 5″ deep and attach it to the wall (open part out) with screws into drywall anchors at the four corners. To create the actual shelving, screw a mini crate directly into the first crate.
  • Wine Crate Planter: you can drill holes in wine crates easily and the wood can be waterproofed so that your planters last and your plants thrive.

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