Have more wire hangers than you have clothes? Check out some helpful things that you can do with extra wire hangers you have hanging (pun intended) around!

  1. Fish Things Out of Tight Spots: dropped your keys behind a couch or lose something under the stove? Just grab a wire hanger to fish the item back to safety.
  2. Trellis Plants: plants with weak stems, like tomatoes, need to be trellised to be able to reach their full height. You can use a wire hanger for this kind of job. Just weave together a few hangers in a crosshatch pattern or affix some unadulterated hangers to a wooden frame to give your plants the support they need. Head here for an idea of how to do this.
  3. Re-string a Draw String: when a drawstring falls out of a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a pair of swim trucks, etc, it can be near impossible to try to re-string it. However, you can do the trick more easily by stretching out a hanger, creating a small loop to hold the knotted end of the string, then feeding the string and hanger through the band together.
  4. Unclogging a Drain: you can use a straightened wire hanger to unclog a stubborn drain.

Head over to care2’s 10 Uses for Dry Cleaning Hangers for more ideas!