A few weeks ago, you gave us some wonderful suggestions about what to do around the house with wax paper. This Old house also has a few ideas to add to the mix. Take a look:

  • Clean Garden Tools: ball up some wax paper and rub spades and other hand tools. This will help loosen grime on tools and the wax will coat the metal to help prevent rust.
  • Sweep Up Dirt and Dust: cut a piece of wax paper the size of a cloth and attach it to a Swiffer. The paper will catch dirt in high-traffic areas.
  • Free a Stuck Zipper: run some wax paper over the teeth of a tricky zipper to help it zip more easily.
  • Deflect Dust: put a layer of wax paper on top of high cabinets and hard to reach surfaces. Every couple of months, you can just switch out the paper and dusting is taken care of.

Find more creative ideas over at This Old House’s 10 Uses for Wax Paper.