Looking for other ways to make use of these flexible foam sleeves? Try some of these ideas from This Old House on for size:

  1. Make a Grip More Comfortable: get a better (and more comfortable) grasp on yard tools like rakes and shovels by adding pipe insulation to the handles.
  2. Anchor Trash Bags in Place: frustrated by trash bags that keep slipping down in the can and causing a mess? Just secure them to the rim by fixing a bit of pipe insulation to the edges.
  3. Cinch Cords: use a 2-inch long piece of foam to easily store looped extension cords.
  4. Pad a Step Stool: when using a step stool near your walls, put some insulation around the stool’s top handle rail to prevent scratches and dings.
  5. Sheathe a Saw: put a length of padding over the blade of your handsaw for protection (for the teeth and your fingers) when it’s in storage.

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