If you’ve got an impressive collection of neckties and aren’t using some (or many) of them, make sure they don’t sit around being unusable. Take a look at some creative ideas from repurposing old ties:

  1. Napkin Rings: cut ties with classic designs and hem and stitch them into small rings. They can match or be mismatched, but feel free to use fabrics like silk or wool since napkin rings rarely get dirty.
  2. Curtain Tie-Backs: cut ties to the appropriate size, add a button or a piece of velcro and you’ve got great curtain tie-backs that add a unique accent to your curtains.
  3. Belts: you can use really narrow wool or cotton ties to make great belts. Just add a D-ring style buckle to it and wear with jeans.
  4. Dish Towel Ties:

    Remember when every kitchen had those little dish towels with the tab that fit through a drawer handle and buttoned in the front? […]It was a great little utilitarian craft project that could be reinvented to include old neckties. Using the widest part of the tie, hem and sew one end to the back of a dish towel or hand towel and attach the pointed end to the front with a button or piece of Velcro. Because these will be used and washed frequently, choose a durable polyester or cotton tie.

  5. Custom Pillows: give a unique look to your accent pillows by centering and sewing a tie vertically and another horizontally to make them look like they’re “gift wrapped.”

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