Got a colander lying around? Well, it can do a lot more than just drain pasta or other food. Thanks to an article we came across on DiY Life, we’ve now got 10 new ways to put our colanders to use.

A few of our favorites from

1. Grease splatter reducer. Carefully place a colander upside down over frying foods. The heat can get out, but the grease is largely contained.

2. Warm a serving bowl. Set your colander inside a pasta serving bowl, then drain boiling pasta as usual. Instead of running down the drain, the hot water will get the bowl warm and ready for your spaghetti and meatballs.

5. Play accessory. Kids love to watch anything drain through a colander. I mean anything. Sifting water, small beads, bird seed, sand, or good old-fashioned dirt through a colander works well for keeping kids entertained.

7. Bug tent. Colanders can’t keep tiny bugs off picnic and barbecue spreads, but they will help discourage large flies. So if your platter has no lid and you’re in a pinch, grab a colander and pop it upside down over your food.

And here’s a bonus idea from a site that DiY Life links to,

Wash your delicates: Don’t throw lingerie into the sink for hand washing. Peroxide from some toothpastes and caustic agents from other cleansers can bleach, stain, degrade, and even disintegrate delicate fabrics. Instead, put the colander in the sink and wash the garments inside it.

Know of any other ways to use a colander? Tell us about them by posting a comment below. And thanks for being a Tip Hero!

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