When it’s time to update or add some life to a kitchen, the first place many people want to start is with their cabinets. However, new cabinetry is no joke. It can get pretty expensive. If you can think a little bit out of the box though, you can easily and cheaply update your cabinets and make a splash in your kitchen. Take a look at some ideas from Re-nest:

  1. Take the Doors Off: go for the “open-shelving” look in your kitchen by simply removing cabinet doors. Even if you rent, you can easily put the doors back on when you move out.
  2. Add a Fabric or Wallpaper Insert: inserting a fun fabric where a glass cutout usually is can make a kitchen bright and more festive. You could also use wallpaper to add color and pattern to the center portion of cabinets.
  3. Switch Out the Hardware: this takes very minimal effort but can make a big difference. Replace your old hardware with antique hardware or something unexpected with a pop of color.
  4. DIY Tiled Kitchen Cabinet: check out this tutorial for an easy project that adds a burst of life to any kitchen.

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