10 Brilliant Uses for Old Credit or Gift Cards

When your credit card expires or when a gift card runs out of money, do you typically just shred/toss the card? Well now you’ve got reason to hold on to them! Here are 10 brilliant uses for those old cards once they no longer have value. (Just make sure you’re careful about leaving expired credit cards lying around intact):

1. Make an Earbud Holder










Make a handy little holder for your earbuds to keep them tangle-free and easily accessible.

2. Make a Collar Stay

Cut up a credit card to make collar stays for men’s collared shirts.

3. Make a Guitar Pick










Trace an old guitar pick onto a credit or gift card, then cut out a new pick with scissors.

4. Make a Phone or Tablet Stand










Create a cool, free stand for your phone or tablet! Here’s how it’s done.

5. Organize Your Cords










Simply hole punch your credit card in a few places, cut a line into the holes, and keep you cords tangle free.

6. Garden Markers







Cut up some old cards, paint the white (or whatever light color you have lying around) use a sharper to label them for use as durable garden markers.

7. Use as a Scraper

For anything that needs scraping, pull out that old expired card. You can scrape anything from ice off of your car to food stuck on dishes to mud off of your shoes.

8. Make a Bookmark

Simple use an old card as a bookmark, or cut it up in the design of your choosing!

9. Make a Cool Frame










Check out this tutorial for instructions on how to make it.

10. Use as a Crumber

At fancy restaurants, the servers are equipped with handy little tools called crumbers to easily scrape the crumbs off of tables. You can use an old card as your very own crumber to swiftly clear the crumbs off of your tables.