5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover isn’t just for taking off last year’s polish. You can actually use polish (and the main chemical in it called acetone) to fix a lot of little household mistakes. Ever wanted to banish marker or ink stains? Nail polish remover is just the thing for it! Watch the video below to see what else you can do with nail polish remover.

It’s amazing what you can fix with nail polish remover! And, best of all, it’s easy to find and cheap to buy basically anywhere.


Accidentally draw on something with permanent marker? Well, it’s not THAT permanent, don’t worry. Swipe a little nail polish remover on the spot and, like magic, the marker stain will be gone.


A few days into enjoying your new purse or wallet, you get a pen stain on the leather. Of course. Using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, gently rub away the ink stain. Don’t rub too hard because some finishes will come off!


It’s smart to keep your metal tools (like tweezers) sanitized. An easy way to do that is with nail polish remover! That’s right, acetone is a secret disinfectant. Clean your tools with a cotton swab soaked in polish remover and go forth cleanly.


There is nothing more annoying (and a little scary) than getting super glue on your skin. Am I the only one that’s paranoid my skin is going to come off? To get the glue off without peeling, soak your skin in nail polish remover and watch the glue dissolve away.


Ever want to take a sticker off a bottle or container just to leave behind that stubborn sticker residue? Well, just like the glue on your skin, nail polish remover can take off unpleasant-looking sticker adhesive, too! Rub the sticker residue with a cotton ball of nail polish remover and gently rub the excess residue away.

Do you use nail polish remover in a creative way around the house? Share it in the comments section below.