Uncommon Uses for Kitty Litter

If you’ve got a feline friend, chances are you’ve got some extra kitty litter hanging around at any given time. Take a look at some problems that a bit of cat litter could help you solve in a pinch:

  • Sprinkle a little kitty litter at the bottom of diaper pails and trash cans to help prevent nasty odors.
  • Put a cup or two of cat litter in some knee-high pantyhose. Tie the panty hose in a knot and leave it in a stinky shoe overnight.
  • Put a layer of litter on the bottom of your outdoor grill to prevent grease fires.
  • Use it as an absorbent to prevent mold. For example:

    Ever unpack your tent to find it’s moldy? Next year, place a tied-off sock full of litter in the tent before packing it away.

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