Toddler Leans in to Give His Dog a Kiss. It Was Too Much.

Having dogs as part of the family can be fun and rewarding. Dogs are a source of love and loyalty for many people who choose to become pet owners. They’re babies, brothers, and sisters, as well as scouts, guardians, and vacuum cleaners. Some even talk, complain, and laugh!

Some folks are skeptical about bringing dogs around children, no matter the breed. Others research until they find a few that would be a good fit for homes with little ones. One family of five from California adopted two Newfoundlands to become members of the fam: Ralphie and Boss.

Newfoundlands are B-I-G. But these bear look-a-likes are also known to be gentle, protective, and social. When the Fishers started looking into dog breeds to add to their brood, they were attracted to this type. With three little boys in the home – Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan – the dogs would need to be able to coexist with the rambunctious energy that was already a part of their lives.

Seen in the lovey-dovey video below is Ralphie, whom the Fishers brought home from a breeder in 2014. They were so enamored with him that they got him another Newfoundland brother one year later – Boss – who is seen chilling in the background. So enmeshed are the two dogs in the family’s lives that they’ve all become Instagram stars.

In a Daily Mail article, dad Joshua referred to the dogs as “gentle giants” that allow the kids to do anything to them. They nap, play, and poke around with the dogs as if they were another pair of brothers. Since they’re also super affectionate, it’s no surprise that the dogs like to cuddle and kiss their fellow family members.

Both dogs have bonded with Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan like big brothers. Baby Tegan, now a walking 1-year-old, has grown up with the dogs from birth. As the youngest of the Fisher bunch, exploring and learning the world is thrilling. Since Ralphie and Boss are a part of his world, then we’re sure the thrills keep coming.

Image of baby running from dog.RaisingFISHERmen
One of those thrills can be witnessed in this clip shot by Joshua. As mama Bee lies on the couch, both doggies can be seen lounging on the floor in all their humongous glory. Little Tegan is crouched over Ralphie’s head, either ready to plant a kiss on his fur-brother or whisper a secret to him. What he got in return sent him running!

The baby babble that ensued only elicited a look from Ralphie, and the big Boss wasn’t disturbed or intrigued in the least. But it seems Tegan just couldn’t stay away, and went back for round two. Watch the video below to see the bro encounter unfold.

The Fishers and their five sons are enchanting the web with cute pics and videos of their everyday lives. It’s clear that Ralphie and Boss are very much adored by their family, and the sweet dogs are giant teddy bears. Do you and your family have big dogs like these too? What’s the best part of having them around? Tell us in the comments!