Why You’ve Been Using Your Toilet Seat Cover Wrong

Toilet seat covers—what would we do without them? These handy doo-dads not only keep our bums safe from potentially harmful bathroom germs and bacteria, they also save us from that stomach-turning splash that comes from squatting over a public toilet. (If you’re eating right now, we apologize for that graphic description!)

With that being said, these nifty protectors are one of the most commonly misused items we have ever come across. In fact, we’ll admit that, until we were alerted to the seat covers’ proper instructions, we had been mishandling them for eons, too.

Pretty embarrassing considering we’ve been taking advantage of this public bathroom freebie for as long as we’ve been using public bathrooms!

As it turns out, these waxy protectors are actually meant to be used “upside down”, with the dangling flap facing the FRONT of the toilet, not the back. Now, before you get too suspicious—hear us out…

While the traditional method may give enough coverage for your standard, home commodes, it’s no secret that the toilet seats in public bathrooms are generally shaped a bit differently.

public bathroom toilet seatTitanas via Flickr

You see, public restroom toilet seats tend to be wider, with some even having a horseshoe-like split at the lower end of the seat. Because of the awkward shape, toilet seat covers often don’t cut the mustard when put to the test—anyone who has had their toilet seat cover splash into the water “mid-business” knows exactly what we are talking about!

So, instead of risking your tush, simply turn the toilet seat cover around, so that the flap drops down into the water from the seat’s bottom side. It works like a charm, every time!

Why you should opt for toilet seat covers

Now, we know that not every public restroom is outfitted with glorious toilet seat covers, and because of this sad fact, it’s time that you rethink your plan b— i.e. hurriedly lining the seat with the next best thing, toilet paper!

While constructing a quick, DIY liner may feel like the right thing to do, it could cause more trouble than it’s worth! According to Dr. William Schaffer, M.D., a professor of preventative medicine at Vanderbilt University medical center, most of the harmful and, frankly, disgusting bathroom germs end up on the shared toilet paper roll.

You see, toilet paper is known for its absorbent qualities, which is great for clean-up, but not so hot when it comes to staying clear of bacteria that may have been on the hands of the last person to touch the roll. Starting to get where we’re going here?

Hand pulling toilet paper.AndreyPopov via Deposit Photos

We’ll be keeping that tidbit in mind!

Now that you know how to use that toilet seat cover correctly, it’s time for you to see a full demonstration for yourself by none other than comedian and talk show host, Steve Harvey. Random, right? To see his fruitful (and kinda disturbing!) approach to using the toilet, be sure to click on the video below.

We’ve just gotta hear your opinions on this! Have you been using toilet seat covers wrong your entire life, too? If not, where did you first learn to properly cover the seat? Do you have any hacks for a more sanitary public bathroom experience?