This Baby Climbs onto a Toddler Trampoline. Wait Until You See What Happens Next!

Well, these parents won’t have to worry about entertaining their baby anymore. Not since little Marcus discovered something a bit unexpected: the trampoline. Once he climbed onto this kid-sized trampoline, Marcus started having the best time, laughing the cutest, hysterical baby-laugh as he jumps up and down for minutes at a time. Watch him have an amazing time on his new favorite toy in the adorable video below!

Honestly…I don’t think I can jump that well on a trampoline as a full grown adult. Such control! He’s actually getting some serious air with every jump – this wasn’t even something I thought babies could do!

As he’s climbing onto the trampoline I’m thinking, “Aw, so cute, he won’t know what to do with himself”. And then he’s just going for it! Man.

A future gymnast in the making, perhaps?