Her Family Asked Her to Cut Into a Turkey Without Telling Her That There Was Something Waiting Inside

Thanksgiving might be a time for family, but there aren’t any rules about HOW your family has to treat you on turkey day. And let us tell you, it’s not always homemade pies, board games, and fuzzy family memories — at least not with this hilarious family.

This poor young woman, Raquel, is just following her mom’s instructions: scoop the stuffing out of her family’s Thanksgiving turkey. Raquel is scooping away at the kitchen counter while her mom records, even encouraging her sister to get in the frame and wish the camera a happy Thanksgiving.

At one point, Raquel gets a little suspicious and asks her mom why she’s standing there recording her scooping the stuffing. From outside the frame, her sister reassures her that she’s not recording, she’s just taking family pictures. That means she’s in on what’s about to happen next!

Their mom is right in the middle of “convincing” Raquel’s sister to get into the photo when Raquel claims there’s no more stuffing in the turkey. Her mom says that can’t be true, since she’s only scooped out a big enough serving for maybe one person, and tells her to keep looking inside the bird.

She does…and that’s when her face changes.

Raquel sees something, something that’s obviously horrific, inside the turkey her family is about to eat. Frantically, she tries to explain to her mom what she sees, but her mom plays dumb SO convincingly! So Raquel pulls out what she’s found to show her family, who at this point are in hysterics.

What was stuffed inside the turkey as a prank is mean — but is definitely funny! But no matter how sad the joke might be, her family probably didn’t expect her to react like this.

Nerissa Hawkinson shares the lighthearted video, so watch and then tell us how would you react if you saw this in your Thanksgiving turkey?