Save Money While Caring for Pets

People aren’t the ones who were and are affected by the recession. Many pet owners had to give up beloved family pets when forced to make cut backs due to the plunging economy. Tisha over at Moolanomy thinks it would be a shame to have to give up your furry friend because you can’t afford caring for them. Take a look at some of the ways you might be able to save some money, hold on to your beloved pet, and not make too many human sacrifices.

  • Health Maintenance: make sure to take your pet for regular checkups. The vet may be a bit expensive, but these small bills are much friendlier than the huge bill you’ll receive if your pet has a huge problem you’ve neglected. Also, keep an eye on your local newspaper. Many vets will set up vaccine clinics once a month so that pets can get up to date on shots for much less than they would at a regular vet visit.
  • Frugal Grooming: make a one-time investment in one large tub to bathe your dog in the backyard or basement. If you can cut their hair yourself, that can contribute to significant savings. Stick to a regular plan with brushing their teeth, cleaning their ears, etc. to avoid having to get your dog professionally groomed often.

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