The Royal Family Cracks up Laughing When Asked What It’s Like Working with Family

What happens when you hang out with the same person over and over?

You’re probably going to get a little sick of them, right? Maybe their quirks might start bothering you; the way they say certain words will suddenly be the most annoying thing ever; and it’ll probably be harder and harder not to speak up when you’re irritated.

When you see someone so often, it’s natural to start picking up on all their annoying habits— or even those habits that aren’t even actually annoying, but are suddenly annoying to you.

It’s no different for members of the royal family. If your family has a tendency to press your every nerve, imagine how these royals feel—family, who also work together as well.

In a recent interview in front of a live audience, Prince Harry and fiancé Meghan Markle, as well as Prince William and wife Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, had a lot to say on the subject.

When asked if they ever have disagreements about things, all four of them laughed. “Oh, yes,” William said.

Sometimes it’s nice to see such a famous family be so relatable. The audience continued to laugh and nod their heads in agreement as the foursome spoke candidly about what it’s like working together to carry out royal duties.

Harry did clarify that the disagreements they all have are usually “healthy disagreements” and said that it’s part of the reason they all work so well together as a family and make a great team.

While there are four completely different personalities in the group that has its challenges, there are four personalities that are passionate, and want to make a difference. “I think it’s really good that we’ve got four different personalities, and you know, we’ve all got that same passion to want to make a difference, but you know, different opinions. And I think those opinions work really, really well,” Harry said in the interview.

Meghan followed up her fiancé with a great point about why it’s good to have these healthy disagreements: “It’s good using such differing personalities and that everyone’s very communicative, because that’s how you can really see bigger change. If everyone was thinking the same way, how are you going to push the envelope?”

Her sister-in-law Kate agreed. “With so many more of us working on the same cause, or some of the causes, we can make a real impact,” she said.

The four royals have certainly proven that they’re able to work together as a team. One of their primary charitable vehicles includes the Royal Foundation, founded in 2009 by William and Harry, which unites people to help tackle society’s biggest challenges, including mental health, the armed forces, wildlife, and young people.

To learn more about how this dynamic foursome works together so well (with its challenges of course), and some of the projects they work on together, watch the video below!

We think Meghan summed it up perfectly in the beginning of the interview: “Togetherness at its finest,” she stated. Would you be able to work alongside your family in a way like this? Have you ever had the chance to? Tell us how you resolved your biggest argument!