Removing Laundry Color Transfer Stains

This will save you from throwing away good clothes other than those mysterious color transfer stains when you pull your clothes from the washer or dryer!

I had a brand new top (worn exactly one time!) that I pulled from the DRYER that was covered with color from another item in the same load, and had tried EVERYTHING I could think of to remove the stains (Oxi, multiple stain removers, soaking, etc., etc.). One day while searching the net, I came across this and it works!!!!

In an old spray bottle, mix together equal parts of Dawn dishwashing liquid, amonia, and water (I used maybe only 2 T of each). Shake well to thoroughly mix. Spray mixture on the stains liberally. Let sit a few minutes. Use an old soft toothbrush in circular motion on the stain. Rinse. Repeat as necessary. It took a while and multiple applications, but I see not once trace of the stains, and like I said, it was covered in dye transfer stains and had already been dried in the dryer!