Re-Freezing Cut-Up Turkey Tips

I buy whole turkeys, thaw and cut up into the same pieces like cut up chicken, and refreeze into separate pieces. Have you heard not to refreeze anything?????

Bull, I am 60 years old and have done it for the 40 years I have been married.

The breast is divided in two sections and serves us a fresh dinner, leftover dinner, the remainder diced up for salad, quesadillas, soup casseroles. An entire breast serves the two of us probably 6 to eight meals.

Legs go into soup, for excellent soup you need to crack the bones with a meat tenderizer, using a large dutch oven kettle or a soup stock pot, cover with water just covering the turkey, salt and your good to go. Here folks is the best turkey broth ever. Store bought canned broth is junk compared to this rich wonderful broth. How do you know if your broth is good? It gels when cold, scoop it out just like Jello which melts being reheated. The same goes for beef bones. Yes this is time consuming, but I don’t work out of my home.

Turkey legs make good soup, turkey salad sandwiches, leftover scraps goes to my little dog instead of that horrible stuff dog food companies pass off as pet food.

Wings and thighs same as above. I cook the meat very low heat for several hours. 3-4 hours. Try using your slow cooker over night.
Turkey backs don’t throw that out! The back has plenty of meat on it and the broth is wonderful. Peel off the skin, I never use it. I also clean all the fat off the meat when cooked.

All turkey soup needs is broth, onion, celery, carrots, rice or noodles. Your imagination is your guide. Put meals in jars to freeze, or plastic containers. It’s a great meal all made up.

Cooking “Provincially” is what great and famous chefs do all over the world. All those wonderful sauces they make starts from roasting beef bones and putting them in kettles and cooking for up to 24 hours. I do that to, freeze in jelly jars for gravy etc.

Making soup, salads, casseroles, quesadillas, hot turkey sandwiches, pasties, pot pies, etc. I can have probably 20 to 25 servings of all the above meals for the price of a frozen turkey, $13.00.

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