Quick Tip for Removing Blood & Red Wine Stains

I had just had my lower teeth pulled and still had numbed lips. I walked into the bedroom and bent over to get my nightgown out from under my pillow, when I noticed that there were 3 huge drops of blood on my quilt that had been made for me by a now-deceased dear family friend. The quilt meant so much to me and now it was potentially RUINED!!

A good friend of mine, who had driven me to the dentist, was still at my home. She gave me this cure and said it works for fresh red wine stains also:

Put some table salt in a small bowl and add just a couple of drops of water. You are looking to get a tight paste of salt.
Smear the paste onto the fresh stain and let dry. If your paste is thick enough, it will suck up the stain into the salt.
When using this on red wine, don´t make a paste, just put the salt directly onto the stain. The wine is your liquid that makes the salt paste like. Then vacuum up the salt when dry. Use plenty of salt.