Here’s Why Queen Elizabeth is Always Wearing Such Bright Colors

If there’s one thing that can be said about the women in the British royal family, it’s that they all have their own sense of style. Yes, there are some rules to be applied when it comes to how they dress, but they know how to finesse it.

That goes triple for Queen Elizabeth II herself. When was the last time you’ve noticed her taking a fashion misstep? Or better, when was the first time? For the past few decades, you’ve seen her rock brightly colored frocks, hats, and coats without missing a beat.

The Queen has established her signature look, and it’s no accident. The carefully crafted pieces you see these days are created to help her stand out when she’s out in public. Instead of wearing muted shades like beige, black, khaki, the Queen loves to wear vibrant colors so that people will be able to see her when she’s out and about.

When crowds of people gather to catch a glimpse of her, she’s usually thronged by a dozen or so members of her team, making it all too easy to blend in with them. Dressing in standout colors draws the eye of well-wishers who want to be able to say “I saw the Queen!”

From the time of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth has worked with fashion designers who have been responsible for making her custom wardrobe. A CNN article revealed that many of her outfits are planned and created months in advance, even up to one year ahead of time!

Over the years, a number of designers have been commissioned to work with the Queen and her team to create her looks. Hat makers, couture designers, and of course Launer, her handbag maker, are all part of a royal design team.

Not one to be left out of the fun, the Queen plays an active role in choosing the fabric, style, and pattern of her pieces. She is careful to choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle when she’s making appearances. The Queen also loves to be chic yet elegant and regal, and is known at times to make multiple outfit changes in a day.

Two of her top designers right now? Stewart Parvin, dressmaker for over a decade, and Angela Kelly, professional fashion designer and personal assistant to the Queen.

Both Ms. Kelly and Mr. Parvin are behind the many dazzling coat and dress ensembles that you see the Queen decked out in during events. So gifted is Ms. Kelly that she once shared that small weights are sewn into the hemlines of some of the Queen’s dresses to prevent gusts of wind from blowing them up.

Since you can’t take a stroll through the Queen’s closets, you can only imagine how many different hues make up her extensive wardrobe. We’re not sure a rainbow could even compete!

Click on this video to see some of Queen Elizabeth’s colorful clothes and to hear more about her fashion choices. Should you ever see her on the street, you will know how to spot her!

Did you know this about the Queen’s style? Are you a fan of her signature look? Would you do the same thing if you were a queen?