This Puppy Squeezes Through a Crack in the Door

There are some rooms in certain people’s houses where pets are not allowed; maybe a nursery or an office with a lot of valuable, breakable things, for instance. This holds especially true for when you have a puppy, mainly for the pup’s protection rather than to protect your home decor. (Well, maybe a little of both.)

Usually, when you want to keep a pet out of a certain room, you would just put up a gate or simply close the door to the room. USUALLY this technique would work, but in this special case, not so.

This pet owner clearly wants the room in question to be puppy-free, at least for a little while. But his new dog is not going to take this injustice lying down! As it turns out, doors can’t stop this adorable little puppy.

Owner laid down towel to keep dog out of room.AFV
When the video opens, we see a closed door. The bottom has been lined with a towel, clearly with the intention to keep something in…or out. You have to wonder when you see the towel: why is that necessary? The door is closed, after all, so shouldn’t that be enough to keep pets at bay?

As you probably guessed, you’ll soon see why this towel is all too necessary.

Suddenly, the left corner of the door starts to see some movement. The towel slowly gets pushed aside so that there’s a rather small opening in the doorway — and then we see a tiny little nose poke through!

This is a very small opening in the bottom of the door, however, so only the puppy’s nose can fit through. Or so you think.

Puppy gets through door by squeezing through a crack.AFV
It’s so sad to see! You can hear the puppy crying and see his little nose poking around through the hole, looking for his owner. But it quickly turns from sad, to shocking, to hilarious all within a few seconds.

We suddenly start to see more and more of the dog; first more of his nose, then his whole head, until we realize that he’s pushing himself through this incredibly small crack in the door!

At first, seeing his head go through the crack is terrifying. We honestly thought he was stuck and in pain! But seconds later he wiggles his torso through the crack, and then uses his front legs to hook around the door frame. This gives him just enough power to push his tail-end through the door.

Puppy pushed himself through door crack.AFV
We’re not sure if we’re extremely impressed, overwhelmed with cuteness, or a little of both. (Both, we’re going to go with both.)

The pup’s owner obviously had seen this happen a few times (hence his inkling to get this adorable break-in on camera) and we can hear him in the background jokingly saying, “Oh no, again! You’re so cute!”

But the cutest part of all might be when the puppy gets on his four feet! The pup shakes out his over-sized ears and looks up at his owner, as if to say, “I’m here!” The entire act of getting through the door was so cute, but then you’re just taken aback all over again by how cute the actual dog is, too!

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