Price Compare for the Lowest Fees on Event Tickets

A note about fees: Some ticket brokers have affiliate networks that enable others to create their own ticket broker sites in their own look and feel, while still pulling from the same database of ticket inventory as the main ticket broker site they are affiliated with.

For example, has affiliate relationships with other websites, such as uses its own brand and graphics, and organizes its site according to its own preferences, yet it pulls from the same ticket inventory that TicketNetwork pulls from. So in this case, you will find the same tickets on both websites ( and, yet each site may charge different fees depending on their business model.

As such, in some cases, you can definitely find the same tickets on multiple websites, so compare the total prices (inclusive of all fees – not just the per ticket prices) to get the best deal. Also note that some of these sites may be able to layer in additional tickets they have through separate relationships (not sure how this works), so the inventory may be slightly different (though they should have all of the same tickets as the base site – in this case,