Check Out This One-Of-A-Kind Swimming Hole That’s Part Pool, Part Pond!

At the height of summer heat, the best place to be is at the home of a friend with a place to swim. (If you are that friend with a swimming place, you’re the luckiest.) For most of us growing up, that meant one of two things: a backyard swimming pool installed by generous parents, or a nearby pond full of the magic and fun of nature. Both are awesome ways to enjoy the water, splash about with friends, and practice your butterfly stroke— and both have their own drawbacks.

You never quite know what could be in a pond, and the water’s not always the cleanest or clearest. An artificial pool, on the other hand, can often feel a little clinical and sterile, full of sharp edges. Unless you’re an Olympic-level swimmer, chances are you want your pool to be a place to relax, and that can be hard to do in the middle of a boring rectangle. So the only thing we can do is pick one or the other and make do, right? Wrong! We can take a cue from Imgur contributor VonBubenberg and create a swimming spot that combines the best of aquatic worlds.

Presenting: The Pond Pool!

How lovely, creative and cool – in every sense of the word! – is this homemade swimming spot? The rectangular pool becomes extra special with a wading pool area that forms when the water spills over the edges into the designated, pond-shaped wading area. Not only does it look more picturesque, it gives the family an opportunity to gradually enter the water instead of just jumping in, and it lets them cool off their feet, if they want, without having to commit to a full-on swim. Much more optimal for year-round use!

And yes, this pond pool was homemade! VonBubenberg and his family live in Switzerland, and constructed the pool over a little more than a year, ordering materials from Germany and getting help from the robust, online DIY-pool-and-pond community.

They started by outlining the area for the pool in their yard . . .

. . . and then excavated the area.

The pool was then lined with felt and a special pond liner. Both were ordered online through the DIY pond pool community, and came from Germany.

The final pool lining? Large stones for the pool walls and edges, and smaller stones and gravel for the wading pool area. According to VonBubenberg, it took five men about 8 long hours to line the walls. Obviously, the results were worth it.

If you look at this DIY pool and worry about the quality and cleanliness of the water, don’t! This homemade pool features a eco-friendly filtration system, UV light treatment, and stagnation-preventing fountain.

The final step to making this pool pond absolutely perfect for family fun? The installation of a wrap-around deck for everybody to sit, dip their feet, and enjoy this beautiful addition to their backyard.

Wonderful and one-of-a-kind! What do you think of this “pool pond”? Would you ever consider doing anything similar? Did you grow up swimming in a pool, a pond, or something entirely different?

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