This Piano Improv in a Train Station is Amazing

One of our favorite things about train stations and airports are the quirky things that make the fun. For instance, the grand piano at this Paris train station is the ideal stage for everyday artists to have a little fun at the keys while they wait!

Sometimes, people just fool around at the piano, plunking out a few notes. Other times, some pretty talented people take their place at the piano bench and wow the crowd around them.

This is definitely one of those times.

The video opens on a young man, Gerard Pla Daró, sitting at the piano in a Paris train station. He’s playing a beautiful tune, but not one that we recognize; this makes us think that this is perhaps an original piece.

He continues to play as people stop and stare, even as the calm voice announces train times over the speaker. No one seems phased by this ringing announcement; they’re far too transfixed on this concentrated young man playing his piece.

Honestly, it even sounds like his music is MEANT to pair with the announcement, as they line up in an eerily perfect way.

But Gerard’s performance has barely begun! Suddenly, another young man comes up behind him and starts to watch Gerard play. He has a little smile on his face as he watches and listens, and then he does something amazing — he starts to join in!

Playing in the upper register of the piano, following along and adding his own little flare to what Gerard has been playing. He stumbles at first, trying to figure out what he wants to play to compliment Gerard’s piece.

Strangers smiling at each other at the piano.Aina Costa Xicota
The strangers smile at each other, and Gerard encourages him to continue what he’s doing. So then he really kicks it into gear!

Now that he’s gotten his feet under him, the stranger starts to really play along with Gerard, and the combination of the two is extraordinary. Although they are complete strangers who have (seemingly) never played together before, they play as if they were old friends.

Individually they are so talented that they can pick up on what the other is playing and add their own rhythm that beautifully compliments the other. They buildup to the climax of the song together flawlessly, picking up to an impressive speed as the song reaches its conclusion.

Strangers switch spots at the piano.Aina Costa Xiano
At one point, the two even switch spots so that the newcomer can play the middle keys and Gerard can play the upper register! They sound just as amazing in these positions as they originally did, maybe even better.

When they finish, the two are met with a resounding round of applause from the surrounding crowd. The two shake hands and then go their separate ways in the train station, with the audience still applauding all around.

What an amazing moment to witness! Two complete strangers getting to collaborate on a spur-of-the-moment piano piece? This was a wonderful performance that could never quite be replicated.

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