Natural DIY Spray to Keep Spiders Away

We’ve got a basement full of spiders, and as much as I tell myself that spiders are our friends, I’d still prefer that they stay outside. I recently learned that spiders smell and taste through their feet and that they are not big fans of citrus. So waht better way to keep them at bay than with this safe, natural, chem-free and effective DIY citrus spray. Here’s the recipe:

1 small sprayer (8oz is good)
6 oz water
20 drops of orange essential oil (or lime, or citronella, but make sure it’s an authentic essential oil, not a synthetic!)
20 drops of lemon essential oil

Pour all the ingredients into a sprayer and spray where spiders are most likely to hang out, corners are a favorite.

Note: if you have pets, do not use this spray – the essential oils may be an irritant to them. Instead try a vinegar spray.