All You Need For This Moving Hack is a Pool Noodle

There are few things all of us can agree we dread, but without a doubt, moving is one of them. Not the actual idea of moving itself, that can be an exciting and life changing thing, but the work that goes into a move. Mainly, all the things that need to be boxed up and carried to a van/car before being taken to their new home.

We can all attest (at least those of us who have ever experienced a move can attest) to how tedious this backbreaking work truly is. And frankly, we’re sick of it.

One of the things we hate the most about moving boxes is the number it does on your hands. Trying to hold up an impossibly heavy box with two cardboard handles slowly cutting into your skin…it’s not such a good look.

You can pick the boxes up from the bottom if you can stand the weight on your back, but truthfully, not all of us can.

Trying to lift a box from the bottom.LittleThings
Gloves are helpful to avoid blistered hands, but imagine wearing these gloves during a Florida summer while moving heavy boxes to the car. Trust me, I’ve been there, and you do not want to experience that. I made it, sure, but you still don’t want to experience that.

Having said all this, you can only imagine our excitement when we saw this brilliant hack from LittleThings, which offers one small way to make moving a little easier.

All you need to make moving a breeze? An average pool noodle, one you can purchase at the Dollar Store for next to nothing. You’ll also need a pair of scissors because, you guessed it, we’re cutting this noodle open.

We’ll leave it up to you to watch the quick LittleThings video below in order to the get the full instructions, but we will give you a hint: those painful hand marks we were talking about? Prepare to kiss them goodbye.

What do you think of this pool noodle hack? Will you be using this the next time you’re moving, or just the next time you have a heavy box to move? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.