MoneyTrail: A Free Money Management Tool for Families

Finding it difficult to keep track of your family budget and spending allowances? MoneyTrail, a free online money management site, was created for you! Tip Hero Pam Whitlock and her husband, Frank, started MoneyTrail when tracking money between their children and themselves proved a frustrating endeavor.

Here’s how Pam describes her site:

MoneyTrail is a free, online allowance and money management system for kids, teens and families. Kids learn to track their cash, allowance, IOUs, gift cards and checks and, in the process, develop smart saving and spending skills. Parents do not have to spend extra time looking for the calendar to determine when allowance was last paid or how much money is owed.

MoneyTrail is also available on your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry and/or Nintendo DSi, so you can keep an instant on-the-go record of spending and allowances from anywhere. Be sure to check out Pam’s site for more details and to get started organizing your financial transactions!