Model Used to Be Brutally Bullied For Her Unusual Birthmarks

We think that one of the best things that has come from the social media craze is the body acceptance movement. This crusade was first established in order for people of all shapes, sizes, and forms to show off their unique, true selves. One of its most recent stars is a teen who knows a heck of a lot about coming out of a traumatic situation proud and victorious!

16-year-old Alba Parejo was born with over 500 congenital melanocytic nevi all over her body. The Barcelona teenager originally underwent surgeries as a baby to get them removed, but the operations didn’t go as expected, and only left her with disfiguring scars.

On top of going through the shock that went along with experiencing a whopping 30 surgeries before her fifth birthday, Parejo also had to deal with the relentless negative comments from her peers.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, the young woman gives readers an idea of just how tough it was in her younger years to navigate school while facing relentless bullying.

Parejo says, “While growing up, I realized people were staring at me because of my skin, which made me feel bad, strangers looked at me as if I was a monster. Sometimes they laughed or said horrible comments like calling me a ‘Dalmatian’ or ‘Alien’, one person even asked me if I painted myself.”

Wow! That just makes our blood boil…People can be so cruel! We think this is clearly a case of close-minded folks poo-pooing something they just don’t understand.

And, while her haters have gone about their lives, judging people on how they look, Parejo has done something much more meaningful. You see, the teen has actually been chosen to be the face of an advertising campaign that preaches natural beauty. Her billboards and posters can be seen all around her hometown. Who is having the last laugh now?

Alba Parejo shows off picturesCaters News Agency via The Daily Mail

What is a congenital melanocytic nevus?

Essentially, each one of Parejo’s 500 nevi are birthmarks and moles that were present from the moment she was born. Surprisingly, having a nevus isn’t super rare; in fact, about 1 in 50-100 people are born with one. What makes Parejo so unique is the fact that she was born with so many of them.

Congenital melanocytic nevi don’t discriminate—they are found on people of all races. The marks are not genetic, therefore it’s impossible to tell whether a baby is at risk until they are born.

We, along with so many of her adoring social media followers, are so happy to see that Parejo is fulfilling her dream of becoming a model. This gorgeous gal sure is owning her beauty! To see even more pictures of Alba Parejo, be sure to click on the video below.

What do you think of Alba Parejo’s story? Do you feel she will have a lasting career in the modeling industry? Do you have any personal stories about congenital melanocytic nevi? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!