Make Delicious Mac & Cheese With This Variety of Recipes

Who says mac and cheese is just for kids? Mac and cheese may have been your favorite meal when you were 5, but why can’t you enjoy it when you’re 25, 45 or 85, too? These 22 mind blowing mac and cheese recipes are just what you need to give your favorite childhood dish a new, grown-up twist.


1 . Avocado Mac and Cheese

With the added health benefits and creamy, delicious flavor of avocados, this mac and cheese is a must-try.

2. Mac and Cheese Pie

Yes, you’re seeing that right. It’s a mac and cheese pie…with a bacon lattice.

3. Mac and Cheese Taco

Your two favorite foods in one blissful union. There’s also an option for a bacon taco shell. Just putting that out there.

4. Grilled Mac and Cheese

This recipe should only be attempted by professionals, there’s a lot of cheesy goodness going on here.

5. Mac and Cheese Lasagna

This is really the epitome of mac and cheese all grown up!

6. Mac and Cheese Pizza

Pizza? Check. Mac and cheese? Check. You, tripping over yourself to get to your kitchen? Check.

7. Mac and Cheese Mozzarella Bombs

With a twist of mozzarella and a deep fried crust these mac and cheese bites are truly the bomb (sorry, couldn’t resist).

8. Bacon & Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

If you like a little bit of a spicy kick, this bacon and jalapeno mac and cheese is for you!

9. Truffle Mac and Cheese

Add a West Coast flare to your regular old mac and cheese.

10. Lobster Mac and Cheese

A copycat recipe of the UNREAL Capital Grille lobster mac and cheese, this is a decadent way to upgrade your mac.

11. Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese

This healthy twist on mac and cheese doesn’t even use any butter! Just as delicious and with none of the guilt.

12. Carnitas Mac and Cheese

A little Mexican flare is exactly what your mac and cheese needs.

13. White Mac and Cheese

This recipe uses a combo of mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan cheese for perfectly gooey results.

14. Breakfast Mac and Cheese

Have you ever woken up and said, “Gee, I wish it were socially acceptable to eat mac and cheese for breakfast”? Throw convention to the wind with this sausage and biscuit covered breakfast mac and cheese.

15. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Perfectly seasonal this time of year, butternut squash is an unexpectedly delicious addition to your mac and cheese.

16. Korean Mac and Cheese

With gochujang in the mac and dried kimchi in the crunchy topping, this mac and cheese is next level delicious.

17. Vegan Caramelized Onion Mac and Cheese

Why can’t vegans enjoy a delicious mac and cheese, too? Vegan or not, these caramelized onions are spectacular.

18. Beer Mac and Cheese

Skip drinking a cold with your mac and cheese and throw the cold one IN your mac and cheese. Woah.

19. Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Because there is no limit on the power of buffalo chicken.

20. Romano and Roasted Brussels Sprout Mac and Cheese

Looking to get fancy? You’ve come to the right recipe. This is black tie optional mac and cheese.

21. Chili Mac and Cheese

The spicy kick of chili and the cheesiness of mac and cheese. It doesn’t get better that that.

22. Pepperoni Pizza Mac and Cheese

Although we already covered mac and cheese pizza, this is a completely different story. This pepperoni mac and cheese combines the best ingredients of your two favorite dishes into one, life-altering dish.

Which of these mac and cheese recipes will you try first? Do you have any amazing mac and cheese recipes we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments section below!