Listen to your Favorite Artists Online for Free

Want to listen to your favorite artists online? Here are three websites that I use:

1. Pandora – This is a great website for discovering new music based on your favorite artists and songs. With Pandora you create niche stations by simply entering the name of a particular artist or song. From there Pandora serves up music by similar artists or songs. You can create multiple mini stations based on different artists and songs, as well as refine a particular station by adding additional artists and songs. Website: Pandora

2. Playlist – Allows you to select individual songs from your favorite artists and build your own custom playlist. The site doesn’t feature every popular song but contains a healthy selection. also allows you to embed a playlist of your favorite songs on your blog or social webpage. Website: Playlist

3. Vastfm – Enter your favorite artist and vastfm searches youtube for songs by that artist and plays the audio within the interface of the site. It’s not a foolproof method as you get a few songs where someone is covering a song by their favorite artist. Website: vastfm

Photo credit: carbonnyc