This Couple Surprised Everyone with a Hilarious Dance

A couple’s first dance on their wedding day is one of the sweetest moment that their lucky guests can witness. But sometimes, these dances aren’t all happy tears and slow dances, sometimes they have a bit of an edge to them.

In fact, some of them don’t turn out to be dances at all!

In this hilarious video, we’re tuning in to watch a happy couple enjoy their first dance. They’re dancing arm-in-arm to a classic crooner song, and the smiling guests at the tables around them are photographing the memorable moment.

But suddenly, something goes astray. The clumsy groom steps on his bride’s foot, sending her toppling to the floor. He tries to keep her upright, but she falls in her dress, yelling at him all the way down.

Groom accidentally trips bride during their first dance.ifeisshort

When the bride gets up, she has fire in her eyes! She is clearly not happy with her new husband for that little trip. But rather than yell and scream, and the bride goes behind the nearest table and grabs something: a lightsaber.

With the click of a button, the iconic weapon lights up a bright orange and the bride slashes at her groom, pushing him backwards. Her attack forces him to dance around her for a bit, until a loyal groomsmen tosses a lightsaber his way.

The groom perfectly catches the saber, lights in up a bright Jedi blue, and the fight is on.

With the crowd of guests cheering them on from all around, the music over the speakers turns to dramatic battle music as the couple performs an amazing lightsaber fight! They’ve choreographed the battle perfectly, chasing each other backwards and forward to the amusement of the crowd.

Couple kissing in between two lightsabers.ifeisshort

Then suddenly, the groom grabs his bride’s arm, preventing an attack – and he slips in for a dramatic kiss! We hope the photographer got a shot of these two kissing, lit up by the glow from their lightsabers, because that is an EPIC wedding photo.

Apparently, this counted as kissing and making up! The couple takes their bow for the cheering crowd of friends and family and then go to take their seats. Right before they go to sit, the couple stops to take one more bow; they’re obviously very proud of their unique dance and want to take the credit for their amazing battle.

Well, it’s clear that the force is with this amazing couple. We hope they have many wonderful years (and many spectacular lightsaber battles) ahead of them.

What do you think about this one-of-a-kind dance? Were you surprised to see them break out into this amazing battle? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.