You’ll Have Goosebumps When You Hear Her Sing

Our horizons have expanded as we’ve become more accustomed to learning of new vocal talent through singing competitions. It’s also due to the magic of the web. With musical communities built up using services like YouTube and, we’ve been introduced to a slew of gifted singers.

Among them is Lexi Walker. The ridiculously talented 14-year-old sounds like a professional pop star, but she doesn’t sing pop tunes. Though the young songbird began singing at an early age, things really blew up for her in 2014 when she was just 11. She delivered a beautiful rendition of the national anthem during a professional soccer match in her home state of Utah, which can be viewed on YouTube.

But it was Lexi’s solo in a cover video for “Let It Go”that gained her enormous exposure. Her turn as Elsa with an enchanting voice was a hit. Helmed by veteran singer/actor Alex Boyé, the video garnered over 80 million views. There’s no way to describe Lexi’s sound. Though “Let it Go” was a Disney hit, her voice is perfectly suited for every emotional scene in EVERY Disney movie. EVER.

With the right music to back her up, Lexi soars. To demonstrate, she was paired with another out-of-this-world gifted musician, Jenny Oaks Baker, for a performance of “The Prayer”. Jenny, a professional violinist, started playing when she was 4. Now a seasoned master at her craft, she often blends her talents with those of other performing artists.

First sung as a duet by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, this song perfectly showcases Lexi and Jenny’s musical skills. In this video, the two performed the popular song on the Hour of Power show. As the Hour of Power’s orchestra started the piece, Jenny’s violin came in and led the song. The ballad was soon taken to another level with Lexi’s voice.

Image of teenager singing.Lexi Walker TV
We know it sounds cliché when folks say someone has an angelic voice. But in this case it’s actually true. Lexi’s vocals are soft, strong, and controlled at the same time, something quite remarkable for someone her age. Although it’s clear that she’s been singing for a long time, we’re glad she didn’t have the added pressure of talent show judges to impress.

Watch the video below and get caught up in the ethereal sound that these two bring to “The Prayer”. We dare you not to be moved. Unsurprisingly, Lexi’s singing chops have made her a YouTube sensation and also landed her a record deal with a Sony imprint. She’s recorded two EPs and performs at events all over the world. You can follow the rising starlet’s career through her website and info about her upcoming events and albums.

We’re sure Lexi will continue to dazzle us with her powerful voice, and she certainly has a bright future ahead of her! Listen to the clip below and see for yourself. What are your thoughts on this version of the song? Are you mesmerized by Lexi’s voice too? Tell us in the comments!