Watch This Husky Throw an Epic Temper Tantrum!

Back when I was a kid, I think my motto was “Just five more minutes!” I would pull that one out whenever I wanted to stay up and play video games. Curiously enough, it seems that some dogs live by the same mantra that kids do. Watch this whining Husky make a desperate plea to his mom to stay and play with his friends at the dog park! This guy is really persistent!

The viral video begins with a stubborn doggie howling on his own in the middle of a dog park. At first it seems that he may just be summoning his pack, but then it becomes obvious that his “pack” is safely with their human mom, ready to go home!

The Husky’s mom explains that he throws the same fit “every day.” She certainly does appear to be fairly resigned to the routine.

While his doggie siblings wait leashed and patient next to their owner, the Husky does everything he can to keep himself in the dog park. He howls and howls and howls—it really looks like nothing is going to make this big guy budge!

YouTuber Josh Gottsegen uploaded this popular clip to his page and it has since received more than 7.1 million views!

In the video’s description box, Josh explains the scenario:

We caught this little guy refusing to leave the dog park. His owner claims they visit the dog park every day and he throws a fit each time they leave.

Pretty classic!

Instead of just posting the original, unedited clip, Josh decided to get creative and add in some truly hilarious subtitles, like these . . .

Husky at a dog park with No subtitleJosh Gottsegen
And these . . .

Husky at dog park with I Said No subtitleJosh Gottsegen
I personally don’t speak “Dog” but something tells me that those subtitles are fairly accurate. The desire to play and have fun is a transcendent feeling that spans across all different species! When we animals want to goof around, we want to goof around.

And for all of you who aren’t familiar with the personalities of Huskies, here are some examples of how vocal these furry pals can be.

There’s Mishka, the dog who can’t help but voice her love of potatoes. There’s also Titan and Holly, two gigantic, jealous Husky/Shepherd mixes. Lastly, there’s Zeus the Husky who loves the idea of taking a bath so much that he simply refuses to leave the tub. Huh, wonder if he’s met our dog-park-loving subject?

So, why does this breed seem to howl and complain so much? Well, according to Husky Problems, their behavior is genetic. These dogs need a bit more exercise than other breeds, so if they get bored, they tend to protest. Also, Huskies are very much pack dogs, so the loud howling is simply a sign of them communicating. Noted!

Watch this hilarious dog give his two cents on what it feels like to be dragged home. I think we all can relate!

What do you think about this emphatic pup? Do you have a persistent Husky? If so, what do they do to voice their concerns? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!